Oil Trooper

Park® is leading manufacturer of Sand-Oil Interceptors. Sand-Oil Interceptors are used for controlling and preventing harmful pollutants from entering the municipal sanitary sewer system. Pollutants such as oils, fuels, grit, and other waste produced by service facilities are separated and detained by Park® Sand-Oil Interceptors.

Special Features:  
  • Sizes from 100 gallon to 20,000 Gallons
  • Enhanced Coalescing Technology
  • Designed to Meet Local Plumbing Codes
  • High Strength Precast Concrete, Steel, or Fiberglass Construction
  • Heavy Duty Cast Iron Access Covers Vehicular Traffic Loading
  • Choices of Interior Protective Coatings and Remote Monitoring

Typical Applications:

  • Public & Private Carwashes
  • Auto Repair Centers 
  • Parking Lots & Garages 
  • Machine Shops & Manufacturing 
  • Industrial Facilities

The Park® Sand-Oil Interceptor is a solution for your application. Choose from the following.

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