Back Flow Prevention
Backflow preventer assemblies are utilized to protect our natural resource, safe drinking water.  Backflow prevention is required on applications in which there exists a possibility of contamination of the public water supply from a water user, commonly referred to as a "cross-connection".  Potential cross-connection hazards are found in potable, fire-protection, irrigation, and industrial water lines.   Codes and jurisdictions require a backflow prevention device where these hazards exist; consult authorities for specific approved applications.

There are several different types of backflow preventer devices depending on the application:

Park® offers pre-engineered Backflow Prevention solutions. Choose from the one of the following applications:
Double Check Backflow

Backflow Preventer Products for Potable & Fire Service
Detector Check Backflow

Backflow Prevention with Detection Meter for Fire Water Systems
Reduced Pressure Zone

RPZ Backflow Preventer Products for High Hazard Applications
Vacuum Breaker Devices

Backflow Preventer for Irrigation Systems
Backflow Prevention Vaults & Enclosures

Accessories for Backflow Prevention Equipment
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